Content Storm, the revolutionary new platform designed to revolutionize content creation for social media campaigns!

Content Storm is the no-code solution that streamlines your process for setting up social media campaigns. From creating captivating content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and beyond – our platform takes care of it all.


Not only does Content Storm make it easier for you to set up campaigns quickly at scale – but it also gives you an edge over the competition in your local market. Our exclusive platform ensures your message is always front and center with customers who can’t wait to do business with you!

Ready to see what Content Storm can do? Try it out today and join the revolution in content creation!

Boost Your Social Media Presence in
Minutes with the Content Storm!

With the Content Storm, you can create hundreds of high-quality, SEO-optimized posts in minutes. Make your digital marketing more efficient and effective while saving time and money.

Get your copy now and start taking advantage of all these fantastic benefits:

  • Create hundreds of posts in under an hour
  • Utilize the system as a ready-to-use process in your business
  • Be more efficient and effective with your marketing
  • Increase the rankings and visibility of Google Business Profiles
  • Save a LOT of time and money!

What You Get

    • Copy of the Content Storm
    • A streamlined process that can be handed off to a VA or team member
    • All training videos
    • All future updates to the spreadsheet, including any scripts that are added
    • All future updates to training videos
    • BONUS: Our GBP Posting and Interlinking Strategy for maximum effect!


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Self-Service Plan

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Managed Service Plan

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Everything In Self-Service:

Why clients are loving us

Once you start using @manageapp, there is no going back.
Christy Lakin
Internal Security Liaison
@manageapp It really brings me joy
Toni Breitenberg
Global Markets Associate
Delightful software done right 🙌 Thank you @manageapp!
Matt Abernathy
Principal Factors Specialist
I'm absolutely in love with @manageapp. It’s the first project management software built for people who meet to get work done.
Dixie Ernser
Corporate Research Executive
@manageapp all the day ❤
Dora Haley
Internal Division Technician
Bring a sense of play to @manageapp and consider how it impacts the humans using it. That is, in my mind, the best way to build.
Kristie Lindgren
Direct Usability Associate

Frequently asked questions

Content Storm is a revolutionary content creation tool that helps businesses create social media content at scale. It streamlines the content creation process for social media campaigns, saving businesses time and effort. Our exclusive and powerful social media campaigns ensure that your brand and message are constantly in front of your customers, helping you achieve dominance in your local market

With the upcoming updates to our tool, we want to offer more features that can help you boost your content production and post-scheduling. These are not promised, but if we can make them cost-effective, you can expect the following:

  • API integration of our recommended AI writing assistant
  • Generating a list of PAA questions based on niche
  • Creation of a PAA Q&A post type
  • The script randomly selects tips, challenges, events, and service-related topics and populates the corresponding Prompt Helpers with those topics.
  • Addition of a “recommended image” column which analyzes generated post content and recommends relevant and SEO-optimized post images
  • Possibly creating a script that auto-populates the content calendar with content produced in the Prompt Helpers using randomizing topics and types of posts according to user-specified publishing frequency (e.g., three posts per week or four posts per week)

With these enhancements, you will need to source an image based on recommendations, select dates for scheduling posts, and add links according to your interlinking strategy. Please keep in mind, though, these features are not guaranteed, so don’t buy based on them – choose us for the features and values already available!


Content Storm generates content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Interest, Google My Business, email, and SMS.

It takes approximately 2 to 5 days to deploy the system.

Yes, we work with businesses to provide a custom-tailored solution that meets their specific needs and goals.

The ERPNext version of Content Storm is a fully integrated solution that seamlessly manages your social media campaigns within your ERP system.

Our exclusive and powerful social media campaigns ensure that your brand and message are constantly in front of your customers, helping you attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Posting content regularly to Google Business Profiles is an effective way to boost rankings in the eyes of Google. With the Content Storm, businesses can easily create high-quality and relevant content daily. The tool provides a wide range of topics for companies to write about that are geographically and semantically related. Additionally, users are given access to an advanced strategy for interlinking posts for maximum impact. By using both techniques, businesses can quickly increase their visibility and boost their search engine rankings!

Content Storm operates on a subscription-based revenue model, with businesses paying a monthly fee for access to our content creation tools and exclusive social media campaigns. We also offer additional services, such as custom content creation and social media management, for an additional fee.

Content Storm uses advanced no-code tools, including Airtable, N8N, and Open AI, to make content creation easy and efficient. Our powerful social media campaigns also ensure that your brand and message are consistent across all channels.

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