Airtable SEO Topic Clusters and N8N Workflow Course

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About Course

Welcome to the Introduction to Topical Clusters with our No-Code Solution! 🌟

In response to the overwhelming interest in creating topical clusters, we’re excited to introduce a comprehensive course on our no-code tool, which we’ve developed over the past two years. This innovative solution combines the power of n8n, Airtable, and GPT to help you generate topical authority and clusters for your content marketing strategy. 🚀

We’ll continue to expand the course, helping you unlock the full potential of our no-code solution for your unique content marketing needs. 🎓

Our course will cover the following topics:

1️⃣ A step-by-step guide to setting up the no-code solution using n8n and Airtable, perfect for beginners and experts alike! 🛠️

2️⃣ A detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on installing n8n, copying the Airtable, using n8n, and more. 🔥

3️⃣ Insider tips on customizing the tool to suit your specific niche and content marketing objectives. ✨

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Course Content

Introduction to N8N And Setup

  • Overview of N8N
  • Key Features and Benefits of N8N
  • Installing N8N Using Docker and Vultr
  • Airtable Integration Guide


N8N Workflows: Ultimate Keyword Tool

Understanding the Workflow Nodes
This module will cover the essential nodes and concepts necessary to build a workflow that pulls a txt file from a data source, manipulates the data using HTTP Request, Set, and Code nodes, uploads it to Google Drive, and creates a post in Wordpress using Wordpress nodes. Screenshots can be taken to illustrate each step of the process, including the set up of HTTP Request nodes and Wordpress nodes, the manipulation of data using Code nodes, and the use of Merge nodes to combine data from different sources.


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